Architectural Design

The Malthouse Bar & Restaurant

The Malthouse is an institution in the world of New Zealand beer,  having a great male following. The client was keen to encourage more women in  to the bar and restaurant, but it was important not to alienate the existing  customers, keeping focus on the quality beers, displaying them in such a way  that harked back to the traditional keepsake boxes of France, where thimbles  and locks of hair were kept, showing each beer as something precious,  treasured.

Zoned areas were created with colour, texture and flooring. The exterior of the property was re-painted and lighting was used to highlight the beautiful features of the old landmark building. It was essential to have the design flow into all areas of the brand. This ranged from new uniforms and menus, through even to the glass wear, thus creating an entire statement of elegance and culture.


Malthouse entrance square copy




Malthouse square copy